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I didn't leave the comic. I am working on the page. Seriously if I don't manage to finish it this weekend I will ask someone to draw the missing three panels for me because I want to do the next page, I want to go forward. I rewritten this page many times now and I am somehow satisfied with this version and I LOVE the first panel but there are three I'm struggling with. Partly because I am tired.

Insanely, right after my Internship I went to Florence for little over a week and when I came back I got a job almost instantly. This did hella lot of good for my self-respect but it means that again I'm 11-12 hours a day OUT. *sigh*

I figured out that instead of challenging myself with this comic all the time I have to start working on it in a way that I will feel comfortable with. I just have to figure out what way it is.

posted by Innkeeper Pedes @ July 14th, 2011, 3:42 pm  -  0 Comments

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