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Yes, you can stab me

It will end my suffering.

I admit it, I'm working on like 5th version of this page (because the pencils I did at slow moments at work looked like I've never even heard of anatomy). I wanted to finish it today but I have like an hour left before sleeping because I have to get up at 6 tomorrow... again. And the day after tomorrow and like that until Friday. Again.
I miss the time when I could stand deep into the night to finish stuff and then get enough sleep the day after. Or the day after that. With some shit that went on last weekend I didn't even get my weekend sleep or personal time (and I was planning to do the page then. I'm so glad that this whole ordeal will be over in 1,5 week... I'll be unemployed again but this job is not worth wasting my health over with the pay they want to give for it.

Well, in case I manage to post a page, this post will be irrelevant. If not here is a sketch of Ariya and her brothers http://p-the-wanderer.tumblr.com/post/6220405943/sketchdump-part-three-ariya-from-my-own-webcomic. And more of the sketchdump on my Tumblr: http://p-the-wanderer.tumblr.com/ including fanart of Knights Errant, Detective Conan, Tiger and Bunny and Two Rooks. Those are mostly warm-ups or sketches sneak-sketched at work but it's as much as I can offer atm.

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