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So an update!/style rambling

I really, really wish to update more than a week but until I submit my thesis it will be once a week. I'm keeping the drawing to the minimum that prevents me from going completely insane.

That said you might spot some difference with narration and style. I'm working on it and went back to basics. It seems to be working, who would have thought ;) I'm officially getting back to manga because as much as I consider myself a versatile comic reader manga is (or are) the type of narration(s) I feel most at home with. Mostly shounen/seinen type, but when I have time I will experiment a bit (NOT on Seclusion Inn though) with shoujo/jousei styles (that are much more loose in some aspects)

As for the style I experimented a lot in last couple of months and decided that for a lineart I should use the style I feel most at home which happens to be a kind of manga going towards realism; neither here nor there. I am not skipping realism, I will stay at semi-realism with my paintings (not sure if I want to try to go into photo-realism though).
I also relearned a lot about composition and such. You can see some of the examples in my recent deviations at DA http://passer-by.deviantart.com/gallery/ . I have prints of them, from the con, would anybody be interested?
I also have leftovers from my DURARARA doujin; it's 28 pages, YAOI 18+; it does not matter that much if you know the series and I would be willing to part with it because I still live with my parents and there are certain things you would not like to leave lying around for your mom to find. The art quality is more like middle pages of Seclusion Inn, not the last, so I would offer it for 2,5€ plus shipping. All money I make will go to my newly created Photoshop CS 5 fund. I'll probably be doing commissions after I finish with my thesis for the same purpose. Photoshop is expensssive... D:
K, back to thesis (I actually wasted time making awesome chocolate cake today D:).

posted by Innkeeper Pedes @ August 22nd, 2010, 2:17 pm  -  0 Comments

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