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I was wondering why I had untouched and untoned version of page 10 in my story folder.
Just a while ago I realized that the "story" folder reflects what is online.
For some reason I updated pages 7-9 with changed font (back to the one I used at the beginning) but forgot to update page 10.

Which I did now.

Page 11 and 12 will be updated in a couple of days; I failed to make page 11 digitally (it took me a week and I was still only halfway there) so I'm pretty much redrawing it from scratch on paper now but I'll try to catch up on the non-existent schedule. For some reason it already looks much better than the first digital version, as I'm playing around with perspective.

[EDIT] Actually I finished page 11 traditionally and now I'm doing page 12 the same way. It has a lot to do with the scanners I can use here -_-' [/EDIT]

On another note: tomorrow (er.. today XD), Sunday April 25th in the late afternoon Central Europe Time I'll be doing some livestreaming of digital painting. http://www.livestream.com/pedes is where the stream will take place; I'll announce it on my twitter account when it starts: http://twitter.com/p_the_wanderer

posted by Innkeeper Pedes @ April 24th, 2010, 6:03 pm  -  0 Comments

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