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Back on track?

My summer vacations started (as I failed to find a job). I'm juggling drawing and painting a few things and I have just updated with retouched and toned version of page 13. I'll finish page 14 ASAP (I prefer not to promise "tomorrow") and the same goes for page 15.
My goal for the summer is to build up some buffer pages; if I managed to make updates twice a week for some time it would be even more awesome. We'll see... for now I want to add "cast" page and stuff.
On different note
I wanted to buy B3 Canson manga paper today to try it out but they didn't have it in the store. What they DID have were Sakura pens and I bought 2 to try them out. So far they seem awesome and, funny thing, they are slightly cheaper then the ones I bought previously :O So I hope it will result in improvement of the inking (or, at least, decreasing of the time I use for retouching).

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