Or things you don't know you'd want to know

# When do you update?
Now, that is a good question. I'll try to update weekend-ish.
[note]It seems that somehow the pace for update is about three weeks now... not too good, to be honest. Once a fortnight is the worst I could accept. I'll do what I can to improve.

# What the hell? This is so unprofessional.
This is complicated and may sound heavy; if you wish, please read. TL;DR: this comic is way different for me than any other comic I draw.
I started this webcomic long ago. I love all kinds of comics and just wanted to do a webcomic. At first it was just fun, exploring, trying something new. I did some comics before - short comics, unfinished bunches of pages etc. I wanted to try something new, not really knowing what I was doing.
Then stuff happened. Some personal stuff. Actually some stuff was happening before but more stuff happened. Not nice stuff, sad stuff. This comic didn't keep me going then - what actually kept me going at some point was digital painting, something I would have never believed I would even be able to do. But what also happened is that, eventually, I managed to keep this comic going.
Unlike many webcomic artists out there, I don't love this comic. I have many other stories, better stories, stories I want to get out there. If you've been to my gallery or tumblr or seen my comic pages you can see that this comic is on a level much below all my other works. But my relationship with this comic is very deep. It holds inside a couple of the worst years in my life, a couple of my most difficult issues with creativity. Each page I'm struggling with those issues, each page is taking ten times longer than it would had it been any other comic (this is not just a theory: I was able to draw a 30 page doujin from scratch in a month, 5-pager in a week and a half, 4 1/3 pages of full-pencil comic for 18 hour out of a 24-hour Comic Day etc). And while it would normally be a good reason to quit it and do something else this is PRECISELY the reason I cannot quit. I am not joking when I'm tweeting this statement sometimes: if I am able to overcome this block and draw this comic normally I will be able to draw anything.

# What is this comic?
The comic is a mystery fantasy graphic novel. This genre has to exist because if it didn't it would be sad.

# A mystery what?
OK, it's like that: I grew up on Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie and was always impressed how those mystery authors manage to have all those clues and details that help the detective to solve the mystery. Then I got into fantasy and realized I got to a point where I'm almost unable to make a story without any fantasy elements. I also started drawing comics. It all just added up.

# How do you draw the pages?
Pencil sketch, ink (traditional - Copic, UniPin and Faber Castell pens - or digital - Mangastudio), tone and letter in Mangastudio 4 Debut. This comic is used for experiments in many things, including workflow so it's highly probable each page is made differently until I find the best method.

# WHO are you?

# Do you read other webcomics?
God, DO I? Actually I read a lot of comics - web and printed and scanlations. I am planning to put up a site here with links to them, but there is such a f*cking lot... And it changes constantly too. Rushed, rough beginning of the list is the SELOW subpage (it will be growing); large part of the ones hosted on smackjeeves you can see at my profile page here. I also take comic and book recommendations; I LOVE to read.

# Do you accept donations?
There is a nifty donation button on the left. I would also accept chocolate donations but I am not sure posting my address on the Internet would be a good idea :C

# I want you to draw me something.
OK, this is simple:
* If you're a friend webcomicer/artist then you probably know how to reach me anyway and you're not reading this to know how to get a guest art from me.
* If you want art just because you want something I'm afraid I don't do requests (unless as some kind of event/contest); this is because it takes time and I don't have too much of it on my hands so I draw either things I want or things that pay.
* If you want art/comic pages and you are willing to pay you can contact me with a job offer at piechowiak.art[at]gmail.com. (my portfolio is at http://joannapiechowiak.daportfolio.com)

# So what do you do at work.
This is what we do, haha please hold XD . Or rather what we would like to do. Generally we take calls, e-mails and forms from people with IT problems (from the company we work for which is full of evil scientists. The other day I had a call that a laser won't connect to the computer. A FREAKING LASER!!!!) and try to solve then with duckt tape and glitter and if it doesn't work we send then to higher level groups who have better duckt tape and more colors of glitter.

# I've got this question that is not answered here.
Then ask away :) The answer might even be informative. Unregistered users can comment under the comic pages too. (actually it would be nice if you only said hello too ^^ ) Now you can also ask questions at Formspring or the ask box on my Tumblr. SO EASY!


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