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Pedes, December 29th, 2009, 3:02 pm


Welcome to the new Seclusion Inn. Uploading bit early because I don't want to have an empty page with.
Some things in this page might seem familiar...
Well, I really like those cameos I did. I read and enjoy a lot of webcomics. So again:
Starting from left we see: Jidai from Beast Hunt talking with Kain from Starfighter or rather listening but not being amused. Between them Jonas from Phoenix Requiem wondering what he is doing there. Then we see Uena and Ritz from Two Rooks talking with an elf who... is mine ;P And then Aelhiel and Zephiel from The Dusk.

Second page will be scheduled for next Wednesday (6th?) as this week includes New Year's eve, Hangover the 1st and my trip back to Germany (where I study) on the 2nd, so weekend/Monday update could and would be missed.
If you remember the previous version of Seclusion Inn FORGET IT NOW! I'm changing a lot of things including some character's personalities so it's better to approach it with clear mind. (not to mention it was crap)

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody!

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