The writer and artist of this comic is a single person. Or, actually, it would be better to say that all people responsible for this comic are contained in a single body. This "person" is officially called Joanna Piechowiak but more then often they go by one of their nicknames - like Pedes - or simply by P.

Pedes somehow managed to get a MA in Philology - ethnolinguistics. Generally it means that nobody knows what it means so they have to explain it each time. But they managed to learn a lot there, including Japanese, so it's OK. It also gave them qualifications to be a translator which they use for translating between English and Polish stuff that is fun (like their friends' comics) and a little less fun (like technical papers).

Despite being an ethnolinguist by education Pedes strive to be an illustrator (they even have a portfolio at and a comic artist. Since they managed to have their comic published by a publisher in a boys-love anthology Lemon Law 3 they are allowed to call themselves a published author. They also did a couple of illustration gigs but this doesn't give them right to call themselves anything interesting.

Pedes are working now at IT Service Desk while using up all their free time to work on their comic and illustration skills.
They suspect they won't make it in the industry since most of comic artists and illustrators seem to have either a dog or a cat and they are seriously allergic to both.


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